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Platinum Royale

Albion England

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Product Overview

Platinum Royale


The Platinum Royale is designed for ultimate comfort and closeness between horse and rider; covered with best calfskin for a luxurious contact.

The Platinum Royale incorporates all of the features found in the Platinum Ultima including molded knee rolls. The unique patented genesis interchangeable tree and switch panel system allows saddle fitters worldwide to interchange both the tree fitting and panel depths. 

Also available by special order are Patent Leather features giving luster to the velvety calfskin.

Available in standard or narrow seat, the Platinum Ultima is a truly unique saddle that offers the ultimate fitting solution, providing stability and freedom for both horse and rider.


Saddle orders will not be processed until you have been contacted to determine the required fit for horse and rider and or to assign a qualified saddle fitter.