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SLK Royale

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SLK Royale


SLK Royale: a luxurious addition to the SLK range, developed in conjunction with Klaus Balkenhol and chosen by Olympic Champion Laura Tomlinson. 

The SLK Royale features the wooden spring tree with Adjusta-Tree™ technology and wool flocked panels for a precise fit to your horse by saddle fitters worldwide.  

Tailoring the fit to the horse as needed, the SLK Royale is available through special order with a high head and/or short panel. 

Riders looking for a deep, secure and supportive leg position love the SLK range. Available in two comfortable seat widths: standard and narrow. 

Standard knee rolls are medium sized, soft and supportive, and fixed in one position under the flap.  

The SLK Royale features full calf skin leathers with soft, molded calf skin knee pads. 

Laura says: 'The perfect saddle is vital for making sure that my horses are comfortable, develop correctly and are able to compete at their best. I love that Albion can tailor-make their products to each horse's specific requirements.'


Saddle orders will not be processed until you have been contacted to determine the required fit for horse and rider and or to assign a qualified saddle fitter.