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The Fabrento delivers a sleek and beautifully balanced feel in a mono flap with sumptuous calfskin and Adjusta-Tree™ technology.

The Fabrento Adjusta-Tree™ is engineered to provide an accurate and precise fit with its more open head and lower profile, evoking a design suitable for riders seeking the consummate close contact saddle.

Albion’s winning strapping solutions can be tailored to match the specific requirements of the individual horse, with options incorporated into the Fabrento that include a point strap, a strap behind the point and V girthing to improve stability and allow even distribution of pressure.

The Fabrento offers the rider an exquisite experience in an indulgently soft and well balanced, close contact seat to ensure maximum stability and comfort while encouraging the optimum supportive yet non-restrictive and close leg position, courtesy of exterior thigh blocks. The slimmer cantle and delicate detailing add to the refined appearance, making the Fabrento the epitome in effortless elegance, crafted from hand selected calf leather.

For a totally bespoke look, your choice of coloured stitching, loops and/or a touch of dazzle with Swarovski elements are available by special order.


Saddle orders will not be processed until you have been contacted to determine the required fit for horse and rider and or to assign a qualified saddle fitter.