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Albion Leather Care Soap

Albion England

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Albion Natural Leather Soap

In order to keep your equipment looking and feeling at its best, Albion has developed highly recommended natural soap and balm cleaning products which leave the leather clean, conditioned and protected.

Albion Natural Leather Soap is made from all natural ingredients, is vegetable based and glycerine enriched. It is a mild soap, virtually pH neutral and free from detergents and chemicals that can damage leather. It leaves leather gleaming and protected. Please refer to Albion’s care and maintenance page for more information.

Leather, just like your own skin, needs caring for, especially in cold and damp weather. Every possible care has been taken by Albion Saddlemakers to ensure consistency and quality. Before using your leather product for the first time, you must protect it. Leather is a perishable material; if it is not cleaned and greased regularly the life expectancy will be greatly reduced. This will contribute to colour loss and premature ageing of stitching and leather.

500 ML