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Revelation Couture, Dressage Saddle

Albion England

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Revelation Couture, RD500, Dressage Saddle


A full custom saddle is made to measure for the ultimate fit to the horse and rider


The Revelation Couture Red Line RD500 Dressage Saddle offers the luxurious stability and connection of a mono flap saddle covered with finest calfskin. 

All Albion Revelation Red Line Dressage saddles feature two tree options, which offer a unique level of fit, comfort, and stability for the horse. These trees ensure greater freedom of movement for the shoulder, wither and back area of the horse, maximize performance, and are designed for adjustability. Coupled with wool flocked panels, the Revelation Red Line Dressage saddles offer a precise fit to your horse by saddle fitters worldwide.  

The RD500 tree offers Adjusta-Tree™ technology and supportive wool-flocked panels for comfort and precise fit to the horse. 

Riders looking for a superbly comfortable saddle with a close contact and lightly supportive seat are seeking the comfort and freedom of the Revelation Red Line Dressage Saddle. 

Revelation Couture Dressage saddles can be fully personalized, including a choice of colored piping, patent leathers, and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. Each saddle created in the Albion Couture House is as unique as the horse and rider for whom it is crafted.

Saddle orders will not be processed until you have been contacted to determine the required fit for horse and rider and or to assign a qualified saddle fitter.